Pass on the Baton of #MeToo movement

Fierce. Feminine. Fabulous

Finally, the #metoo movement, that may redraw the workplace equations between men and women reaches the entertainment industry and the media industry.

Some big name and some not so big names have been accused of sexual harassment of varying degrees. I am sad but not surprised to see the influential men being accused of sexual harassment of various kinds. They have used their position of power and influence to abuse their women co-workers be it their subordinates or peers. They have considered them as mere bodies and as an object for their lust fulfilling purpose. The usual bait is always the career, a good assignment or an opportunity to prove oneself, promotion, or permanent position. The young and ambitious women who are already fighting a battle at home and society to prove themselves often is a knowing victim with limited choices.

It is not just the question of ethics, morality…

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