I don’t have a niche

So I do what I do best. I write about anything that floats through my mind. I might not be really good at writing, but it’s the best I have so I’m going with it.

I don’t have a niche. I’m not really good at anything. And I don’t have any experience in anything. That’s probably why this blog is on his way to nowhere.

But I like writing. And I think that is wat matters.

I’ve read a million blog post on how to make a blog successful. And all of them said that I have to find my niche. And since I don’t have one and probably never will, I’m going to assume that I’m going to be unsuccessful.

So this has been a really negative post. I advice you not to let it get to you.

And once again I’m going to leave some links here. Some of them might make me some cents. Which I will need to get back to my home planet, Authonion.

Poems and Quotes and Sayings

Unknown: Phase One Chapter three, the second part


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