Blogging makes me feel like a crazy person

Blogging is like tweeting. Of course you can write more then two hundred and fifty words when you blog.

It’s like tweeting because you’re also writing you’re thoughts on the Internet. And you hope that someone might read it. And on the off chance like and share it. But chances are that no one might see it. But you post and tweet anyway.

So I feel uncomfortable with blogging because I know no one will read my post. Just like I know no one will read this. Because I’m a no one to everyone. So now I also feel like a crazy person who’s talking to herself.

I’m that person who tweets a greeting on Twitter, but doesn’t get any likes, re-tweets or replies. I find it cringe worthy when I stumble upon those kind of tweets o db other people. So I never actually tweet something of my own. I just re-tweet. Unless I’m selling a tshirt or telling people about the book Unknown: Phase One.

But that’s my thoughts for the day internet.

By the way I’m just going to leave The link to the Third chapter of Unknown: Phase One here.

Please feel free to click it Internet. If you happened to accidentally stumble on this post.

Link to Unknown: Phase One chapter 3

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